Friday, January 14, 2011

change you can believe in- it starts with you

want to change america?

lots of people are unhappy about various parts of america's recent activity. some worry about being unemployed, some already are. some worry about losing their home, some already have. many have lost their life savings, many are losing their health, for lack of affordable health care.

some are concerned about the prospect of war without end for no visible reason, some fear the loss of civil rights spells drifting into some kind of dictatorship, some worry about acts of terror or the response to terror.

all of these things are outside the control of ordinary people, totally in the control of a few hundred politicians. even if these politicians were trying to do their best for america, they are blocked by the need to get elected. many, we suspect aren't even trying. they are too busy enriching themselves and their corporate sponsors.

is there anything we can do?

yes, there certainly is. we can begin a revolution to democracy. i say begin, for  this is not a quick fix. it has taken more than 200 years for america to get this far into the mire, it will take several years to get out. revolution? you bet! not a violent activity, far from it. a little keyboard activity once a month will be your basic duty. but a revolution, nonetheless. it will be a transfer of the ultimate decisions from those few hundred politicians to the electorate, a transfer of power from the few to the many.

can the people run the nation? yes. they hire administrators, to carry out plans created by experts and presented to them for approval.

how will the people know their money is spent on those plans? because the public activities will be a matter of public record, and under constant surveillance by interested parties.

will the people's decisions be good ones? yes, for the collective judgment of millions is certainly better than the rule of a few who will always put their private interest ahead of the national interest.

how to get there? the first step is to get citizen initiative, in every state, and in the federal government. it will need a constitutional amendment, similar to the one extending the vote to women.

how to get citizen initiative? there's only one way: politely threaten politicians with loss of employment if they do not enact the enabling legislation for initiative.

here's how: on the first of every month, send an email to the democrat national committee, and to your state committee if you don't have initiative in your state. send it also to sitting office holders, and candidates in your electoral district. send it to your local newspapers too.

 in this email, say: " i will not again vote for any democrat candidate until establishing citizen initiative is at the head of the democrat platform, in the federal government, and in the state. [ if needed ]

that's all it takes. first time 1000 such emails hit on the first of the month, the democrat party will smile and forget it. when 10,000 hit they will start to think. when 100,000, they will act.

will this result in an onslaught of republican victories? au contraire! the minute some state official loses his job while getting a pile of these emails, the democrat party will discover they are the natural champions of democracy. before the first federal legislator loses his seat, initiative will be prominent in democrat promises. this will actually lead to greater success for democrat candidates, for at last they will have a promise that inspires the youth of the nation, and is affordable to their elders.

will having initiative bring paradise overnight? sorry. but it will put into the hands of ordinary voters the means to direct the broad policies of the nation. america will gradually become as good as the people, instead of as bad as the politicians. that's all human beings can hope for, and it's a goal worth a little effort.

here's your chance to become a " citizen: a member of the ruling class. "

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